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Smile Gallery

Smile Gallery

Transform your own smile—like these patients did—in just a few short visits. All cases completed in our office in Tempe, Arizona.

Case #1

before porcelain veneers after porcelain veneers

Before: Crooked front teeth with ugly fillings.

After: Restored four front teeth with porcelain veneers.

Case #2

before porcelain crowns after porcelain crowns

Before: Two failing crowns. Decay at gumline. Large gaps between teeth.

After: Four front teeth restored with porcelain crowns. Gaps closed.

Case #3

before dental crowns after dental crowns

Before: Discolored teeth. Flat edges from severe grinding.

After: Beautiful, white, contoured teeth with 6 anterior porcelain crowns.

Case #4

dental crowns before dental crowns after

Before: Chipped, broken, decayed teeth.

After: Anterior 4 teeth restored using porcelain crowns. Whitening to follow.

Case #5

before composite fillings after porcelain crowns

Before: Stained teeth with old, failing composite fillings. Patient disliked her “dingy smile”.

After: A nice updated bright smile. Patient opted only to restore upper teeth, since that is what shows when she smiles.

Case #6

before cosmetic dentistry after cosmetic dentistry

Before: Chipped and broken teeth with gaps.

After: Lighter teeth and smile. Spaces filled in. No broken or chipped teeth.

Case #7

before porcelain crowns tempe after porcelain crowns tempe az

Before: Lower six teeth are badly discolored and crooked

After: Lower six teeth restored with porcelain crowns.

Case #8

before dental restoration after dental restoration

Before: Upper four front teeth were loose and had to be removed. Patient had significant bone loss in this area.

After: Four front teeth were restored with a porcelain bridge. Back teeth restored with porcelain crowns.

Case #9

before dental veneers after dental veneers

Before: Old, failing porcelain veneers with decay at gumline.

After: Nicer, brighter smile with no leakage or decay.

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